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Why do I need a CRM?


Corporate solutions for client management

Enables organizations to manage their sales, marketing, and customer support activities. This software is aimed at helping businesses organize their customer data, automate certain tasks, and facilitate communication among team members.

Benefits of vTiger

  • Increase profits through a better raising of businesses and follow up.
  • Improve customer relationships.
  • Accelerate sale cicles.
  • Improving internal communications, and cooperations.
  • Increase productivity of the sales and support teams.
  • Enforce best practices through processes templates.
  • Gain better perspectives about clients.
  • Increase client retention.
  • Decrease risk to deals.
  • A CRM system will be the best investment that you’ll make.
  • Increase 300% in offer conversion.
  • Increase 50% in productivity.
  • Reduce 40% in job expenses.
  • Increase 27% in client retention.
  • ROI of $5 for every $1 spent.

Who benefits from implementing a CRM?

Sales Teams

The people in sales teams look for CRM software to help centralize and track their contacts, agreements, notes and other information. Automatically catch data and nurture your clients. A CRM also cooperates with internal messages to guarantee faster action.  Every gathered data piece is utilized forecast with precision future sales and reveal historical information about performance that is useful to train members and scale sales loads.

Support Teams

The people in support teams look for CRM software to gather every customer service request from client channels (email, Twitter, phone, chat y others) in a single place where the cases can be assigned and responded to in a fast and efective manner. A CRM helps them prioritize the requests for the duration of the case, client value, and the reason while showing information to improve client satisfaction.

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