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Corporate solutions for client management
Why do I need a CRM?

What is a CRM?

Corporate solutions for client management

Why do I need a CRM?

Technology keeps advancing and it allows us to optimize processes within our businesses.

A CRM (Customer Relations Manager) is useful given the fact that it centralizes information and saves time as well as human resources.

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Who needs a CRM?

A CRM is used by companies of all sizes, all industries and all over the world.

Small Companies

In general, they have very few team members that deal with the clients; they usually take notes on note pads and communicate through emails while keeping track of data in excel sheets. This is where a CRM comes in to centralize data and collaborate with clients.

Medium Companies

Usually, they have more client facing members than the small companies. Besides the needs of small businesses, medium companies also need to establish processes for the sales team along with the customer service in order to boost the work and the client forward. A CRM helps them create, manage, automatize and measure during the processes.

Big Companies

They often have a bigger team of client facing members maybe even from different countries.

Besides the needs of small and medium businesses they also need to develop team work, having more detailed customization and managing accounts to guarantee that they receive priority attention.

There are dozens of CRM softwares available in the market ; however, in our experience the most versatile and accesible one is vTiger.

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